A Pioneer in Women’s Health

We’d like to introduce you to Dr. Mary Jane Minkin, a pioneer in women’s health.

Dr. Minkin is a board-certified obstetrician/gynecologist and author with an extensive background in women’s health issues. She is a Clinical Professor at Yale University, a noted lecturer and frequently appears on television as an advocate for women’s health and wellbeing. Since 1979, Dr. Minkin has worked tirelessly to teach and lead on concerns important to women, writing numerous articles and being the recipient of many awards for her efforts.

Enzymatic Therapy: Dr. Minkin, welcome. It’s great to talk with you.

Dr. Minkin: Thank you. It’s great to have a moment to connect with women who visit the Remifemin® site. And remember, I’m a woman too, living through all the life stages experiences right along with all of you!

Enzymatic Therapy: What’s changed in the approaches to menopause since you began your career in 1979?

Dr. Minkin: As a clinical professor and doctor, I like to see evidence and sound scientific studies to back up anything I recommend.

At the time, I think many people in the medical field weren’t even considering natural approaches to menopause because we simply didn’t know much about them.

However, once I began to investigate, I found out that Remifemin menopause relief was developed in accordance with the safety and efficacy standards set forth by the German Commission E, the recognized authority worldwide for effective herbal remedies. That this well-respected commission approved black cohosh for menopause related complaints definitely caught my attention.

Enzymatic Therapy: It seems that people see the words “black cohosh” on a label and assume that it’s all the same. For our part at Enzymatic Therapy, it can be a real challenge to remind everyone that only Remifemin has RemiSure Black Cohosh-with the studies and science behind it-that distinguishes it from untested brands.

Dr. Minkin: I can see how that would be a challenge-to remind folks that Remifemin is different. It’s the only black cohosh supplement with almost 50 years of clinical testing behind it, and more topically, it’s a safe alternative to hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for the treatment of menopausal symptoms.

Enzymatic Therapy: Speaking of hormone replacement therapy… what are your thoughts?

Dr. Minkin: I’ve actually always been quite comfortable with estrogen replacement therapy for the treatment of menopausal symptoms, but I know that many of my patients are not.

Still, the bottom line is that no one welcomes hot flashes. So, for women who would prefer to avoid hormone therapy to relieve them, I recommend Remifemin. It has an excellent track record, and it’s manufactured by a long-standing pharmaceutical firm in Germany. I know my patients are getting a high-quality product-I know what Remifemin is, and I know what it does.

Enzymatic Therapy: Some women experience hot flashes for a long time after menopause, which probably comes as an unpleasant surprise. Is this typical?

Dr. Minkin: It’s not typical, but not unusual, either.

A few years ago, a study came out looking at women who had been postmenopausal for 10 years. The results found that 3% of these women continued to have severe hot flashes, with another 12% having moderate to severe hot flashes. If you do the math, that means 15% of all women-even 10 years into menopause-will continue to have significant symptoms while 85% will get much better.

In addition to taking Remifemin, women experiencing hot flashes can do simple things to help them be more comfortable. They should pay attention to things like wearing layered clothing, so when a hot flash hits, you can start to take off layers! It’s also important to avoid triggers like hot beverages and caffeine.

Enzymatic Therapy: Is occasional sleeplessness a topic your patients bring up often?

Dr. Minkin: Yes, this is a huge problem.

Remifemin, and now Remifemin Good Night, with a blend of valerian, lemon balm, and hops, also addresses related occasional sleeplessness, and does so in a way that doesn’t make someone feel groggy the next day.

There are some other ways to address this, too. Watching and limiting caffeine intake-especially in the afternoon-and taking a relaxing bath before bedtime, are two simple ways to prepare for night of restful sleep.

Enzymatic Therapy: What else can women do on a daily basis?

Dr. Minkin: I think it’s important to be good to your whole body, including your digestive system. Try eating frequent, small meals. Experiment with 5 or 6 mini-meals instead of the traditional big three. Focus on fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Go ahead and indulge in a bit of healthy fats, but keep fat intake down to about 40 grams a day. And of course, you know I have to mention exercise. You don’ t have to be a track star, but even 10 minutes a day, 3 times a day can make a big difference and help avert midlife weight gain.

Enzymatic Therapy: As you visit with your patients and talk to women across the country, do you find that they wish there was some magic button they could just press to make perimenopause and menopause never exist at all?

Dr. Minkin: Yes… I believe we all secretly wish that! But that points to something bigger-it’s very important for women to realize that menopause is not a disease. There are safe, completely hormone-free ways to walk through menopause.

Remifemin has no estrogenic activity, so it can safely used by women who cannot take estrogen. That’s important, especially in light of the current controversy surrounding soy, which has plant based estrogens. Of course, I would always recommend that a woman check with her oncologist before taking a product.

Enzymatic Therapy: This is probably the perfect time to remind everyone that you have a wealth of information in your books. They’re excellent guides to help with all those questions that come up during perimenopause and menopause.

Dr. Minkin: Well, no matter how much you know, or what you’ve heard, it’s always a good idea to educate yourself so you can separate some of the myths from the truth about menopause.

Enzymatic Therapy: Thank you so much for taking to time to talk with us-we truly appreciate it!

To find out more, you can pick up a copy of Dr. Minkin’s book at: Amazon.com Remifemin, Remifemin Good Night

As a medical, technical, and consumer savvy writer, Dan has explored the vitamin and natural supplement field with extensive interest for the past five years. As a “field guide geek” Dan is looking to possibly continue his education in natural sciences, focusing on either paleontology or ecology.

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Women and Health Journals Explained

There are many important issues when it comes to women health and so whether you are a woman yourself or not it is important that you are keen on these matters.

Using a women and health journal may very well be one of the best things that you ever do for yourself. Regardless of whether you are studying the issue of women health or would just like to learn about it more for your own benefit, using a women and health journal will offer you many advantages.

A women and health journal will be just about the most reliable and informative resources available to you, and one that you should definitely use to your advantage.

You will discover literally 1000s of different options when it comes to a women and health journal, but a few in particular that are going to be worth you checking out, and which will be discussed in detail here.

Women Health Journal

As the name implies, this can be a women health journal that basically provides you with everything. The company publishes a number of different publications, one being the most widely-read biotechnology trade publication worldwide. They were also the primary to publish a medical journal on AIDS, long before the sickness was designated as being a serious threat to world health.

These publications not just contribute significantly towards the literature but in addition they play an active and incredibly important role in the advancement of their respective fields.

If you need to know anything about women and health care this can be a great resource, then one that you should definitely take some time to check out.

Another Options: Journal Watch

Another great option for a women and health journal is Journal Watch. As among the finest known and most reputable health journals in the world, you can feel safe and assured knowing that you are getting your health information from here.

They feature information not only on women general care, but as well general medicine, hospital medicine, pediatrics and adolescent medicine, cardiology, dermatology, emergency medicine, gastroenterology, HIV/AIDS, infectious diseases, neurology, oncology and hematology, and psychiatry, only to name a few.

These are generally just two of many journals that are available, so the best idea is going to be for you to take a moment to check out the different options that are available to you and this way if you are looking for some specific information you will be able to locate just the right journal to do so.

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Women’s Health Insurance

Women’s health insurance is a subject that is of major concern for a vast majority of working ladies. In fact, health insurance in general, is a hot topic for many of today’s consumers. With so many companies downsizing or completely eliminating their employee benefit packages the thought of not having adequate health insurance is scary. This is especially true for women because the facts clearly show that nearly 1 out of every 5 women are underinsured or have no women’s health insurance offered by their employer.

Like most other health insurance plans there are a variety of women’s health insurance providers, but they are a scattered patchwork of insurance offerings that leave many ladies confused and wondering how adequate their health insurance coverage is and can they find a better health plan elsewhere with another insurance company or provider. Take Medicaid for instance, this insurance coverage was designed for low-income women and pregnant women as well as a few other categories. In reality Medicaid only provides women’s health insurance coverage for between 8%-10% of all women.

Company sponsored health insurance plans provide benefits and coverage for about 66% of the women that are employed by a company that offers any form of health insurance coverage. Individual health insurance plans cover about 55 percent of the working women population. Sadly, this leaves a rather large and alarming number (about 20%) of ladies that have no type of women’s health insurance based on inability to afford a private health insurance plan, not qualifying for Medicaid or working for an employer that doesn’t offer health insurance as an employee benefit program.

It’s no big secret that women have different health concerns and risks then men so it’s vitally important that when choosing a provider of women’s health insurance the proper research is done in order to insure that these additional health needs are addressed properly and completely. Most women tend to live longer making the requirement for a health care plan even more important then your average health care insurance coverage.

Women’s health insurance continues to be studied and analyzed carefully by many companies in order to fully understand the unique requirements women face with their health related issues and concerns. With so many women still underinsured or receiving no health coverage at all, this promises to open up new avenues of opportunity for every woman to be offered adequate health insurance coverage.

Looking for more money saving tips and advice regarding women’s health insurance? Sharlene Raven is a respected webmaster whose site GoodHealthCoverage.com specializes in providing health insurance information you can trust.

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Women’s Health Questions: Where To Find Answers To Your Biggest Women’s Health Questions

Where do you go if you have women’s health questions? Do you go to your favorite doctor-like website? Do you look through magazines or do you just ask your friends? Maybe you actually go and visit your doctor? I have found that when it comes to questions of a sensitive nature, I’d much rather go online and try to find an answer that way than talk face to face with somebody I know. For example, if I have a general question I have no problem polling some of my female friends. How long is the average woman’s cycle? 28 days? Okay, no big deal to talk about with friends or family. But when there’s something that isn’t quite right, or maybe even wrong, I’d rather keep it to myself than do an old fashioned friends poll. Women’s magazines are great ways to anonymously find the answers to your women’s health questions. In almost every magazine I can think of, there’s a write in portion where readers send in questions to be answered by an expert in the field. Many magazines employ doctors or OB/GYNs to answer the questions that are on the minds of their readers, and if you catch enough of them it’s possible you’ll find the answer to your own question. This has happened several times to me, even. Also, I tend to save magazines for future reference or for collage material, so sometimes I’ll have a question, remember it was answered in a magazine, and then go find the answer out of my old stacks. Overall, though, I know there’s nothing to be embarrassed about when it comes to women’s health questions. Doctors get asked some crazy questions each and every day, so there’s probably nothing you can ask them that they haven’t already heard several times already (maybe even that day alone!). So while it’s okay to hope for your questions to be answered in a magazine, I suggest you ask your doctor, first.

Women Health and Cosmetics Tips to Consider For Good Health

Increased concern for healthy bodies is making many women applying cosmetics become sensitive to what types of cosmetics and beauty products they buy. A lot has been said about buying discount cosmetics and taking advantage of offers related to them. Skins are very sensitive to anything applied on it and in order to minimize the chances of causing harm to the skin, it is necessary to be concerned about what these products are made of. Many people get lured by discount offers and do not even regard the quality and make of the cosmetic products. It is also necessary to make sure that one selects the suitable cosmetic for the body and face to avoid any problems. Cosmetics act by changing the appearance of the skin and also differ from action of drugs, which may end up affecting skin functioning. Cosmetics act to change the skin structure, but they cannot be termed as drugs. Before considering buying discount cosmetics, it is necessary to consider that different people have different skin structures. These different types of structures will react differently with different cosmetics. No wonder some people experience allergic reactions when they use particular discount cosmetics because they have ingredients that are not accommodated by the skin cells. Following such knowledge, it is important to note what components one’s body is allergic to if at all one struggles with allergy and to ensure that these are not present in any cosmetic product whether offered as discount cosmetics or not. Customers who struggle with allergy problems need to consult physicians or skin care experts, so that they can be tested and be advised on what products to watch out for. This is especially the case when one is not sure about the components causing allergic reactions. Because allergy is about the body or skin rejecting particular components or compounds because of oversensitivity, it may take long to discover alone what components are causing such a problem. Nevertheless, it is possible to identify uncommon tragedy with some cosmetics because they cause allergic reactions on the first application. It is wrong to assert that allergic reactions are only possible with all discount cosmetics, because it is possible to get genuine offers of these products. It is, however, advisable to be alert because many sellers offer substandard products on this pretext and some of these products are not tested for quality and have not been allowed for use on skins. It is possible to read the containers of these products in order to ascertain what components they are made of before purchasing. This should be the case whether buyers are considering these offers or not. Some sellers of these substandard products will not provide truthful information about components present, but this is only suspect for companies that are not renowned or have not been in business for quite some time. For this reason, it is advisable to consider discount cosmetics offers from renowned companies because there is a high likelihood that these offers are genuine. In addition, these companies are likely to have means through which they take care of their reputation and therefore cannot provide non-genuine information regarding these products. In order to solve the problem of health and allergy regarding cosmetics, it is possible to consider those products that are natural in nature and those that are regarded as hypo-allergenic. These do not cause problems even with skins that are regarded as hypersensitive. They however are more expensive and it is recommended to search for products of these categories. Another way to ensure that one maintains good health habits with cosmetics is avoiding borrowing them and restricting them for personal use. People should compare discount cosmetics offers online in an attempt to get better deals and reduce costs for makeup.

Coping With Menstrual Problems and Issues Related to Menopause

Women’s health is a growing concern. Whether you are a younger woman coping with menstrual problems or a woman experiencing issues related to menopause, there may be some convenient solution to help solve some of your problems. Shaklee has the best solutions for both problems in GLA Complex, Menopause Balance Complex and Menopause Balance Complex Cooling Lotion.

Menstrual Issues

Menstrual issues may be solved by using Shaklee’s GLA Complex, which is designed to promote menstrual health with a combination of Borage oil, Sunflower seed oil and Vitamin E to reduce inflammation and provide for healthy hormonal balance.

o Borage oil contains both linolenic acid and gamma linolenic acid (GLA) which helps to form certain types of prostaglandins that promote healthy hormonal activity during the menstrual cycle. Production of the right type of prostaglandin may help to ease and promote healthy blood flow and reduce PMS symptoms. Borage oil is higher in GLA than many other plant products and is readily absorbed making it an ideal ingredient in young women’s health supplements.

o Sunflower seed oil is high in omega fatty acids which may help to reduce inflammation. It is also high in lignans, linolenic acid and other phytonutrients which promote all over health and may help to balance mood, important in women’s health issues related to the menstrual cycle.

o Vitamin E natural concentrate (d-alpha tocopherol) is known to be a highly active antioxidant which helps scavenge free radicals which may contribute to stress and body damage. Most women are deficient in Vitamin E and taking a quality supplement with vitamin E may help promote young women’s health by reduction the symptoms of PMS and improving skin appearance which may be a particularly troubling portion of the menstrual cycle.

Menopausal Issues

Menopausal symptoms may be reduced with Shaklee Menopause Balance Complex supplement containing Black Cohosh, Flaxseed, Soy and a proprietary Blend of Dong Quai, Red Clover and Licorice extract all designed to replace waning hormone levels with natural phytosterols which may reduce some of the more troubling symptoms of menopause. Menopause Balance Complex Cooling Lotion may be applied to the skin to naturally protect against temperature fluctuations which contribute to night sweats, hot flashes and difficulty sleeping. The cooling lotion contains a blend of Black Cohosh, Evening Primrose, Flaxseed and Soy in a moisturizing base of highly absorbable Jojoba oil.

o Black Cohosh is the primary ingredient in most women’s health supplements for those dealing with issues related to the onset of menopause. Black Cohosh has been proven to reduce symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes. It may also help with other symptoms such as insomnia, irritability, and mood imbalance. It is high in phytoestrogens which act to naturally supplement waning hormone levels during and after the onset of menopause, making it an essential part of a woman’s health regimen.

o Flaxseed, both extract and oil is known to be high in healthy essential fatty acids. Omega fatty acids have been shown to promote the health of many body systems including heart, brain and joints. It may help to reduce bad cholesterol, protect against memory loss and reduce inflammation which may contribute to conditions such as arthritis, all common women’s health issues for those nearing menopause.

o Soy has been shown to contain isoflavones, which also act as phytohormones to promote health in women. Phytohormones may protect against diseases such as cancer and may reduce some symptoms of menopause.

o Dong Quai has long been used in Asia to treat conditions of women’s health problems including those related to menopause. It has been called “female tonic” because it has a mild estrogenic effect important in the treatment of menopausal symptoms.

o Red Clover is known to be high in phytoestrogens and other plant based sterols which may reduce symptoms of menopause. It has been used as a women’s health supplement for many years to reduce occurrences of hot flashes and night sweats which are a particular problem for many women.

o Licorice Root is thought to balance the hormones by acting as a phytoprogesterone. This may help to restore the natural balance of estrogen and progesterone which are both important in the maintenance of women’s health.

o Evening Primrose oil and extract have been used to promote healthy sleep during menopause. This is particularly important as many women complain of insomnia and frequent nighttime awakenings. Sleep difficulties are common both due to hot flashes and night sweats but also due to an inability to relax. Evening primrose oil provides women’s health benefits by reducing menopausal symptoms and promoting relaxation.

o Jojoba oil is highly absorbable and promotes moisture retention when applied to skin. It is the best vehicle for creams as it allows for better absorption of other ingredients while acting as an excellent moisturizer, important for aging skin.

Shaklee has a long standing reputation of providing the purest, highest quality products available. Ingredients in Shaklee products are guaranteed to be the most natural constituents obtained from natural sources. Shaklee is so confident that you will be happy with your purchase that a 100% money back guarantee is always offered with no questions asked. Shaklee natural products are a great choice to promote women’s health.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

By Anthony Antolics RN,BSN The Nutrition Nurse

Tony Antolics, RN, BA, BSN

* Bachelor of Science Nursing…Excelsior College, Magna Cum Laude

* Bachelor of Arts Psychology Mental Health…Southern Connecticut State University, Summa Cum Laude

* Sigma Theta Tau, The National Honor Society of Nursing

* Psi Chi, The National Honor Society in Psychology

* Zeta Delta Epsilon, Honors Service Society by invitation, Southern Connecticut State University

* Tau Kappa, Excelsior College Nursing Honors Society

I am now proud to be a Shaklee Gold Ambassador Independent Distributor.

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Read Them and Get Benefits

You can find a plenty of national women’s health information in numerous websites which deal with it. It is very important for you to get fair information concerning women’s health issues and the newest breakthroughs in fitness, alternative medicine and nutrition.

There are some health and fitness newsletters which talk about such topics like alternative medicines. They also show how such alternative solutions can be good for the mind, body as well as soul.

Women frequently believe in myths with regard to some form of alternative medicine. One can look on some websites where a lot of information is available on a specific subject. The information provided in most of the newsletters is given by experts like doctors and psychologists, and can be advantageous to all readers.

Common Topics

Try to take a look at some of topics that are commonly found in national women’s health information. Fat loss as well as cholesterol reduction is a usual subject and women want to know about new ways in doing it. Otherwise there is a trend of consuming natural supplements and herbs against disease as well as for good health.

What You Should Avoid

On the National Women’s Health Information Center forum, there are also discussions about all that is harmful. The harm that is caused by fast food as well as beverages, or some prescription drugs is reiterated, so that they can be avoided. A clinical psychologist is often accessible to give advice to women regarding aging process, menopause or arthritis.

Most people’s life moves at a hectic pace and often nutritious eating as well as regular physical activity gives something a miss.

However, by reading national women’s health information, women will know more about the nutrition that they call for and what they have to avoid.

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The Surprising Big Threat To Women’s Health

I have to admit, sometimes I’m a little worried when I see all the publicity and awareness about breast cancer. Certainly I consider breast cancer a significant threat. As an integrative doctor, specializing in women’s health, I’ve seen enough patients battling this disease to know this first-hand.

But as bad as it is, breast cancer is not the biggest killer of women. Heart disease kills more women than any other disease. In fact it kills more women than all cancers combined. And it kills more older women than it kills older men.

Unfortunately, not enough women take this threat seriously enough. While it’s slowly gaining more recognition, it’s not on our radars… and it’s not on enough physicians’ radars as well.

As one of my colleagues, a thoracic surgeon with a great sense of humor, said in a speech I recently attended, “I wish doctors would stop giving women the bikini treatment, focusing only on breasts and reproductive organs.”

Indeed, there’s a lot more of you in between that needs care. Chief among these parts of your body is your heart.

How To Give Your Heart Some Good, Healthy Love

Now, certainly some women have the odds already stacked against them if they have a family history of heart disease.

But for most of us, protecting your heart is a matter of lifestyle changes.

Eat lots of veggies and fruits to get lots of fiber and antioxidants.
Move your body – sweat!
Take care of your emotional health. Minimize stress and maximize your relationships.
You’ve probably heard this advice but I’ll repeat it. Because here’s the thing that you may not hear from your doctor…

No medical intervention – surgery or drugs or special medical devices – none of these can fix a broken heart.

Sure, we can patch things together a bit to help your heart limp along. But it’s not the same as having a healthy heart.

And here’s another story you may not hear very much about. Many of these interventions may even make things worse.

Several studies have shown certain statin drugs offer no benefit to women at risk for heart disease. And there is some evidence that it may even increase women’s risk for heart attacks and death.[1]

In 2012, the Archives of Internal Medicine published a study showing that statins increased the risk for diabetes in post-menopausal women by 71%.[2]

I’m not saying this because I don’t value the technology western medicine offers. I’ve seen firsthand how conventional medicine can save lives.

But the best cure is prevention. And the best doctor is you.

Easy Steps To Moving More

Now you may be gritting your teeth as you read this, thinking that it will be too hard to change how you eat and fit fitness in.

And I won’t lie and tell you it won’t take some will power and intention. It will.

But there are two points of comfort I want to offer you right now…

Even just small changes can make a tremendous difference when it comes to heart health. As New York Times health journalist, Gretchen Reynolds wrote in her groundbreaking book, The First 20 Minutes, the biggest health gains are made in simply moving 20 minutes a day more if you’ve been sedentary.
So while moving more than 20 minutes is even better (although too much exercising, like running marathons, can also be bad for your heart), don’t put activity off because you can’t get yourself to exercise for an hour. Just do 20 minutes and you’ve already changed your fate.

You don’t have to make these changes or get the exercise in all at once. Use small bites.
When it comes to exercise, do 10 minutes in the morning and another 10 minutes in the afternoon.

Sneaky Ways To Shift Your Diet

When it comes to improving nutrition, you don’t have to start eating only tofu and broccoli cold turkey. Make shifts like snacking on fruit, rather than chips. Start changing out your white flour pasta and bread for whole grains.

Add a salad to every meal and an extra serving of veggies and eat those before you dig into everything else.

One of my favorite ways to get more heart-healthy vegetables in is to take chlorella either as a tablet or as granules you can mix right into your food. Chlorella not only gives you powerful heart-healthy antioxidants like chlorophyll and beta carotene, but it also gives you vitamins essential for heart health like vitamin D and B12.

And it gives your heart the essential mineral, magnesium.

Finally, research indicates chlorella may help make a difference in maintaining healthy cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure levels as well as blood pressure levels.[3,4,5]

Women, You Are Your Best Heart Doctor

Heart disease is a very real threat. Medicine can’t cure it. Surgery can’t fix it.

You’re the best doctor when it comes to your heart. Only the changes you make in your life can truly keep your heart healthy for the long term.

But don’t sweat it – it doesn’t have to be a monumental task.

If you take it step by step, you’ll make big changes you never thought you could make!

So take the first step right now. Make a commitment to yourself and your future. Take a small action today and do it again tomorrow and the next day and the next, adding on as you go. By doing so, you’ll be walking towards this heart-healthy future you’ve promised to yourself.


[1] Vos E. Statins for women, elderly: Malpractice? Nutrition, Metabolism & Cardiovascular Diseases (2007) 17, e19ee20

[2] Culver AL et al. Statin use and risk of diabetes mellitus in postmenopausal women in the Women’s Health Initiative. Arch Intern Med. 2012 Jan 23;172(2):144-52. Epub 2012 Jan 9.

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[5] Mizoguchi, T. Nutrigenomic Studies of Effects of Chlorella on Subjects with High-Risk Factors for Lifestyle-Related Disease. J Med Food 11 (3) 2008, 395-404.

About Dr. Shera Raisen, MD

Dr. Shera Raisen provides outpatient care integrating Western medicine with complementary therapies by utilizing nutritional counseling and therapy, herbal and functional medicine, hormone replacement, and guided meditation. Her practice emphasizes preventative medicine, women’s health, and optimal health in mind, body and spirit. She is also an esteemed member of the Sun Chlorella Advisory Board, which helps guide the medical innovation behind Sun Chlorella products.

Want to learn more about what the medical world is missing? Get our FREE report, “Why Didn’t My Doctor Tell Me This?” In this eye-opening report, 5 pioneering natural health experts reveal nutritional secrets that can change your life. Get your free copy here. Sun Chlorella USA offers the finest quality chlorella products for anti-aging, weight maintenance, energy, heart, brain & digestive system, as well as overall health and wellness for both people and pets. Also, for special offers, news and updates, follow us on Twitter at @sunchlorellausa or ‘Like’ us on Facebook at our Sun Chlorella USA Facebook page.

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Women’s Health & Wellness Issues

As a woman, it is very important that you educate yourself in every facet of women’s health, because it covers a broad spectrum right from general health down to the narrower focus of reproductive health. Women’s health is a big issue from pregnancy to infections, to infertility

When it comes to health, men and women experience and react to various conditions differently. Both need to engage in preventative measures as this improves their quality of life.

The subject of women’s health is a growing issue. There is lots of information out there relative to this topic which can make things a little confusing but as you go through it you will find that the fundamentals remain the same.

There are also numerous products out there to help women overcome various health challenges but you should always educate yourself about what you are taking. The internet is a wonderful tool to do this. There are lots of forums and communities out there where women discuss products they have used and what benefits or drawbacks they experienced while taking them

Like anything else, it is all about getting the right information. So you may need to dig deep and always double check for various official references.

As we all know, what you eat is very important when it comes to your health. Shockingly, some of the most important ingredients necessary to have a healthy diet are more often then not in short supply in the foods that we eat on a daily basis.

The good news is that healthy foods are readily available in your local grocery store but you may need to make an extra effort to find them. It’s funny how they seem to display the nutrient-robbing foods more prevalently over that of the healthy foods.

Women have many health issues to deal with such as breast cancer for example. It is very important as a woman that you do regular mammograms as a preventative measure. As per usual exercise is important and it is also essential that you develop good habits. Such as drinking plenty of water, eating fresh food such as fruit and veggies and in general having a balanced diet.

Remember, prevention is always better than a cure. Regular exercise and good eating habits will do a lot to improve your lifestyle and self image. It will also help with your mental health and general outlook on life and along with this regular exercise has been proven to reduce the severity of menstrual cramps.

Finally, another key element to health is sleep. Sleep deprivation is not good for you and there are numerous studies out there that report on the various health issues that can arise due to lack of sleep. In conclusion, eat healthy, exercise and get routine check ups for maximum health.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/1358339

It is Time For Women to Get Proper Care

Did you know there are centers and networks for National Women’s Health in Europe, in the US, in Australia and in some countries in Asia? In lots of countries, it is an important issue as women frequently take care of so many things, but forget to take care of themselves.


It can be said that it is a dedication the nation has to provide women personalized care. Those that centers play a significant part in this respect are hospitals and other organizations such as nursing homes as well as health centers. They have doctors as well as nurses on their payroll and a number of community services.

The National Women’s Health Center is one such organization which has several services particularly for women. Included are maternity care, maternity outpatient services and even newborn services. Other services that are also provided here are fertility, gynecology and oncology too.

Reform Plans

Establishing universal access to health care which meets various women’s needs is very important. There are some reform plans being made in the US, and the National Women’s Health Network is contributing to it in a big way. It is effective in the direction of getting quality and affordable health care for every women.

There are also doctors and lawyers who are promoting women to raise their voices for the health care that they require, so that the case becomes powerful. Finally, women’s concerns can be addressed because it is looking at reforms on the local and state level as well.


First off, the changes in the health care system for women should be correctly identified and advocated. The prime concern should be the health care costs for low-income women, and their health coverage has to be increased.

Be clear with more explanation in regard to National Women’s Health.

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